Eliminating Bed Bugs: Strategies For Effective Bed Bug Control For Your Home In Garden City

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Bed bugs have been a problem for centuries. And while these small bugs seemed to have gone away for a short time, they have been making a fierce comeback over the last few years. Recently, they have been making news headlines for invading almost every public and residential space in France. And while the bed bug problem in Garden City may not be as severe as overseas, we still see our fair share of bed bugs in this area. 

At Pied Piper Pest Control, we have provided bed bug control in Garden City and other parts of New York for over a decade. Our local technicians understand how easily a bed bug infestation can spread, and our goal is to keep every home in this area bed-bug-free. Here is a look at some of the most useful and effective bed bug control strategies to help keep these pests away from your home. 

Bed Bug Detection: How To Spot And Confirm An Infestation

Bed bugs in Garden City can go unnoticed for a long time because they are incredibly small and can hide underneath the folds and crevices around your bed, in the furniture joints, cushions, and other small spaces around your home. While you might not be able to spot a bed bug with your own eyes, you can identify an infestation by looking for certain clues. Some of the telltale signs our bed bug exterminators find most often include:

  • Small, dark marks on bed frames, furniture, bedding, and other areas: These marks are bed bug fecal marks; they are tiny and can sometimes appear smeared. 

  • Small, white, and round bed bug eggs about the size of a grain of salt: You usually find these eggs in mattress seams, furniture joints, and other areas that are most likely to protect the eggs and young bed bugs. 

  • A strong musty odor that worsens over time: This smell comes from the hormones found in the bed bug’s urine and feces. 

If you have several bed bugs living in your home, you will likely notice several new bug bites on your skin when you wake up. These bug bites usually form red, itchy bumps on your skin, commonly found in clusters or a straight line. If you see these bumps or notice any other common signs of an infestation, you should schedule a bed bug inspection in your home as soon as possible. 

Bed Bugs And Sleepless Nights: How They Affect Your Well-Being

Bed bugs can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. These small bugs are nocturnal and will spend most of the night feeding off of various human hosts. Unfortunately, this could mean that you are unable to get any sleep. Many people with a severe bed bug infestation spend most of the night scratching their bug bites and trying to avoid being bitten by other bed bugs.  If you scratch the bites too much, it could cause the wound to become infected, which could lead to other health problems.

Knowing that bed bugs are in the home is enough to cause most homeowners a lot of stress and anxiety. Most people don’t want to visit a bed bug-infested house, so even a minor infestation can cause you to feel isolated and alone. If you think you have bed bugs in your home, you must team up with a professional bed bug removal company as soon as possible. 

Eliminating Bed Bugs: The Smart Solution For Your Home

Getting professional help is the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. A professional exterminator will have access to advanced bed bug treatments not found in stores and not offered to the general public. They will also have the experience to perform thorough inspections and devise customized solutions. 

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

Keeping your home bed bug-free requires you to always be on the lookout. Make sure to check hotel rooms when on vacation, and don’t bring any second-hand furniture or clothing into your home without inspecting it in case bed bugs have infested it. 

If you want to keep bed bugs away from your home for good, give our Garden City bed bug exterminators a call today. At Pied Piper Pest Control, we know what it takes to quickly eliminate severe bed bug infestations.

Densle and the team at Pied Piper were extremely professional and responsive. They provided same day service and did an outstanding job. They followed up with me a week later and even came back to my home to do additional spraying. I highly recommend their services and will certainly use them again in the future.

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