Preventing Cave Crickets In Your Garden City Home: Tips For A Cricket-Free Home


Garden City is home to all sorts of unique insects, not the least of which is the humble cave cricket. These disconcerting pests are sometimes referred to as camel crickets due to their hunched backs, long legs, and tan and brown coloration patterns.

Since cave crickets are somewhat more infrequent invaders to Garden City properties, spotting an infestation around your basement or crawl space is bound to raise all sorts of questions.

What do cave crickets look like in brighter light? How much property damage do they cause? And how do you work on getting them out (or, even better, prevent them) before they spread around the house?

This article takes a deep dive into all the pertinent details regarding cave crickets living in Garden City homes. Once we discuss their physical characteristics, we explain their dangers and list helpful prevention methods.

Not sure if you need to call a professional pest control company for backup? We also cover that question at the bottom of the guide. Without further ado, let's cover the facts you need to know about cave crickets in Garden City.

Physical Characteristics Of Cave Crickets: How To Spot Them

Cave crickets prefer to live in dark or shadowy spaces, which means even if you do catch sight of one, they're often hard to discern. Could that dark figure in the basement be a cave cricket lurking in the shadows? 

Just turn on your flashlight and look for the following:

  • A humpbacked creature approximately 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long.

  • Elongated back legs that sometimes rise above the thorax.

  • Extremely long antennae that extend far in front of the insect.

You may be tempted to dismiss a cave cricket infestation if you don't hear the characteristic sounds of cricket chirping. However, not only are cave crickets completely silent, but they don't share the same love of the outdoors that house crickets do. Not hearing chirping inside your home may actually be a sign of cave cricket activity.

Property Damage: The Impact Of Cave Crickets In A Home

So now you know how to identify cave crickets jumping around your Garden City home. However, that doesn't answer two big and glaring questions: do cave crickets bite? And are they dangerous in any way?

The good news is: no, they don't, and no, they're not.

There's no such thing as a cave cricket bite; these pests cannot harm humans or pets. They also aren't venomous or don't have sharp claws. In other words, they're completely harmless. The most damaging thing a cave cricket can do is consume some of your clothing and book adhesives. However, crickets are far less likely to destroy personal belongings and far less destructive than hungrier pests like silverfish or rodents.

Cave crickets are primarily nuisance insects. While they don't present a significant danger to you or your home, the larger their infestation grows, the more of a nuisance they become. Keep reading to learn how you can keep cave crickets out with correctly-applied prevention techniques.

How To Keep Cave Crickets Out: Proven Prevention Techniques

If you don't already have cave crickets in the house (or just had them professionally treated), be sure to follow these helpful tips to keep your property in tip-top shape.

They include:

  • Seal cracks and gaps around the outside of your property to keep crickets and other pests out.

  • Control internal humidity by maintaining drainage systems, fixing leaks, and using desiccant bags and dehumidifiers as needed.

  • Stack firewood piles at least 25 feet from the sides of the home and minimize any organic debris in your yard.

Keep in mind these are cave cricket prevention steps – not a substitute for effective treatment. If you want to know how to get rid of cave crickets fast, you need to partner with Pied Piper Pest Control.

When To Call A Professional: Handling Severe Cave Cricket Problems

Cave cricket may look like menacing monsters, but in truth, these pests are as harmless as they come. Still, that shouldn't give them a license to run around your home, and keeping them out of the house is always our recommendation. 

If you want cave crickets out for good, consider working alongside the team at Pied Piper Pest Control. You get better peace of mind knowing pests are where they're supposed to be, and cave crickets get a happier life in places outside your house.

Ready to say goodbye to cave cricket infestations? Feel free to call our local pest control company. We look forward to discussing your needs as a team and sharing more information about our approach to cave cricket control.

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