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There are many things you do around your Baldwin Harbor home or business that work to keep pests out. When you repair damage, you remove routes pests can use. When you replace weatherstripping and door sweeps, you stop pests in their tracks. When you repair gutters, splash blocks, and downspouts, you prevent rainwater from saturating your perimeter and creating an attractant for pests.

When you put your trash in covered receptacles and faithfully bring your receptacles to the curb every week, you remove an attractant that can bring pests close to your exterior walls. These and other things you normally do help to keep pests from getting inside. Join us as we look at a few things a licensed and experienced technician can do to help you keep Baldwin Harbor pests out with pest control in Nassau County.

Residential Pest Control In Baldwin Harbor, NY

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There are a surprising number of things you do naturally that help you stay pest-free, from cleaning your home to raking your yard. When you get year-round pest control, you lighten your load and add layers of protection because it is a whole lot easier to keep pests out of a home that has routine pest maintenance and appropriately selected treatments.

Here are a few of the ways Pied Piper Pest Control gives your exterior the protection it needs:

  • We apply a granular treatment to your yard to add the first layer of protection. When fewer pests reach your perimeter, fewer pests are going to be attempting to get inside your home.
  • We sweep windows and eaves to reduce spider webs and wasp nests. Doing this reduces spider and wasp populations.
  • We deploy bait stations that look like decorative rocks in your landscaping. These work to cull rodent populations.
  • We apply a barrier treatment to your exterior walls to make it much more difficult for insects and bugs to get inside.
  • Where needed, we apply targeted pest control to address pest pressures.

All of these layers of protection work together to create a barrier that pests will have a hard time getting past. On top of this, we provide services for pests that don't crawl through your yard or get into your home through gaps and cracks, such as mist treatments to arrest mosquito activity, termite control to keep termites from damaging your property, or bed bug control when these insects hitchhike into your home.

Would you like to learn more about the residential pest control services we offer or the treatments we apply? Reach out to us through our contact page. We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your Baldwin Harbor home.  

Commercial Pest Control In Baldwin Harbor, NY

Our perimeter and yard protection is perfect for keeping pests out of commercial environments. Along with these services, our IPM-trained commercial pest control specialists will develop a program to address your specific pest concerns. We provide same-day service, a satisfaction guarantee, unlimited service calls for your interior on request, and much more. Connect with us today for a consultation.

Three Things You Should Know About Rodents In Baldwin Harbor

You probably know quite a bit about mice and rats. But there is a strong possibility that you don't know all of the following rodent facts:

  1. Mice and rats chew on wires and this can spark a fire. Experts believe that 80 to 85 percent of house fires that result from an unknown source are likely to be rodent-related.
  2. A full-grown mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. A full-grown rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.
  3. A single mouse can have as many as a hundred seed ticks on its body.

Mice and rats present a threat to property, are equipped to enter homes through tiny holes, and can bring secondary pests in with them. At the first sign of rodent activity in your yard, contact Pied Piper Pest Control for our rodent control service.

Mosquitoes Return To Baldwin Harbor For The Spring & Summer

Every year, it seems like mosquitoes go away during the cold months, but they actually don't. During the winter months, mosquitoes enter diapause and wait for warm weather. In the spring, when temperatures warm up, it is as if mosquitoes return from some far-off, distant land. The reality is that they're just waking up. When they wake up on your property, they're going to get busy reproducing in your yard. Your goal in the spring should be to remove stagnant water resources to deter them from doing this.

You might not know this but the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are almost entirely mosquitoes that hatched in your yard. Most mosquitoes don't travel more than three hundred feet in their entire life. Yes, feet. That's not a lot of distance. So, you can have success reducing mosquito activity in your yard if you get rid of standing water.

If you want another layer of protection, we have the solution. We apply an all-natural product that is safe for children and pets. This product is applied with backpack foggers every fourteen days to knock down adult mosquitoes and repel mosquitoes between visits. Reach out to Pied Piper Pest Control for Nassau County pest control and industry-leading organic mosquito control. What do you have to lose but mosquito bites?  

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