Pest Control In Garden City, NY

Pest Control In Garden City, NY

Founded in 1916, the village of Garden City, NY, is a desirable place to live and work. This Long Island community is filled with tree-shaded streets, beautiful homes, and friendly neighbors. However, Garden City is also home to a variety of local pest populations, and that puts local homes and businesses at risk for infestation.

For the best pest protection in the area, look no further than Pied Piper Pest Control. We are a locally owned and operated pest control company that has been providing quality Nassau County pest control since 2013. Our team of highly trained, licensed individuals provide you with the highest level of customer service. We develop long-lasting relationships with our customers, bringing the local community exceptional service and high-quality results. We deal with all kinds of New York pests, some of which include ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, and cave crickets. Give us a call today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control In Garden City

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Here at Pied Piper Pest Control, we understand that unwanted pests can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. That’s why we service all of Nassau County and the 5 boroughs with complete residential pest control services.

Our process begins with a full property inspection during which our team looks for all signs of pest activity, as well as conducive conditions and entry points. Then we’ll talk with the customer and come up with game plan for treatment. We offer a variety of home pest control services, including: 

  • Check bait stations (look like rocks) 
  • Barrier treatment (3ft up 3ft out)
  • Granular treatment in yard 
  • Sweep windows and eves - webs/nests
  • Unlimited service calls interior on request by the customer
  • Quarterly exterior done services for continued protection 

We are a Green Pro and Quality Pro Certified company with a commitment to providing you with the utmost quality, professionalism, and protection around. If you're not satisfied with your service, we will return promptly to retreat your home, free of charge. Call today to get started. 

Commercial Pest Control In Garden City

Garden City is home to over 1,000 businesses, covering around 3 million square feet of commercial real estate. That’s a lot of property for pests to explore, and that means your Garden City business is at risk for infestation. The team at Pied Piper Pest Control provides complete commercial pest control solutions to all kinds of businesses, some of which include retail shops, food service, hospitality, healthcare facilities, property management, office spaces, and warehouses. 

After a thorough inspection, we will recommend treatments based on your needs. We also return for monthly follow up visits to bring you continued protection. We invest time and energy into the health and growth of our local community, providing hassle-free services, expert care, and peace of mind. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Hey Garden City, Looking For An Effective Termite Control Method?

Termites are wood eaters that feed on the structural timbers of your home, weakening the construction, and putting you and everyone inside of the property at risk. To avoid termite activity in your Garden City home, there are some things you can do to be preventative:

  • Block off entry points by using weather stripping around all doors and windows.
  • Eliminate any sources of excess moisture around your property.
  • Get rid of any rotting or moisture damaged wood and avoid wood-to-soil contact.
  • Make sure to keep woodpiles away from the perimeter of the structure.
  • Seal off cracks and crevices around the foundation to prevent access into the structure.

While these are all helpful way to minimize your chances of experiencing termite activity, none of them are entirely effective on their own. The truth is that the most effective termite control method is to schedule regular services from the pros. Contact Pied Piper Pest Control for all of your termite control needs.

A Practical Guide to Ant Control for Your Garden City Home

The danger with ants is that, because of their size, they can fit into the smallest openings to gain access into your home. Once they get inside, they breed quickly and spread their populations, building colonies all over the premises. If you’re looking for a practical guide to ant control, here are some preventative tips to implement around your Garden City home:

  • Eliminate access to food by keeping food in airtight containers, cleaning up spills and crumbs immediately.
  • Seal off entrances and block off access points by repairing cracks and crevices along the foundation.
  • Spray an ant barrier insecticide around your home to deter ants from entering.
  • Wash dirty dishes promptly and wipe down surfaces to clean up residue and food remnants. 

While it’s always great to be proactive, the most reliable source of ant control is professional pest control services. Get in touch with Pied Piper Pest Control to hear more about our ant control and prevention services.

Bed Bug Infestations Can Happen To Anyone In Garden City

It does not matter how clean your home is; bed bug infestations can happen to anyone for several reasons:

  • Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers: These biting pests can quickly infest luggage and clothing during travel. Infested hotels and even public transportation can put you at risk of a bed bug infestation.
  • You can get them through infested furniture: Secondhand furniture, especially mattresses or couches, can harbor bed bugs. It is essential to inspect all used furniture before bringing them indoors.
  • You live in an apartment or condo complex: Bed bugs can easily travel between adjacent units, making multi-unit housing more prone to infestations.
  • Bed bugs are resistant to pesticides: Bed bugs have developed resistance to many products, making treatments more challenging without the proper tools and knowledge.
  • Detecting an infestation can take time: Bed bugs can be difficult to see, especially during the early stages of an infestation, leading to delayed treatment and a bigger bed bug problem.

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone for various reasons. Preventative bed bug control measures and professional help from a pest control company are often necessary. If you are struggling with a bed bug problem in your Garden City home, Pied Piper Pest Control has effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs safely.

Health Problems A Flea Infestation Can Create In Garden City

People and pets can develop many health problems from even small flea infestations. Skin irritation and allergies, including redness and itching, are very common, but secondary infections like impetigo can also happen. As the infestation worsens and bites become more frequent, it can also cause anemia, especially in children and older people.

Fleas also transmit diseases to humans and pets, including murine typhus, cat scratch fever, and tapeworms. Additionally, they can affect our mental health by causing anxiety and stress from the discomfort and disruption they cause. These issues can, in turn, cause unwanted expenses like veterinary bills for flea treatments.

You need to deal with flea infestations through preventative measures like regular flea treatments for pets and proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent them from occurring. Still, despite your best efforts, you could end up with these parasitic pests in your home and yard. If this happens, Pied Piper Pest Control can help. Call us today to learn more about our flea control strategies.

Five Easy And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips For Garden City Homes

Mosquitoes are biting insects that can dramatically impact your quality of life because of their constant buzzing while you are trying to sleep. They can also spread dangerous diseases throughout your home. Here are five easy and practical prevention tips to keep mosquitoes away:

  1. Remove standing water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water. If you are struggling with a mosquito problem, please remove empty flower pots, buckets, bird baths, or anything that can gather rainwater. Keep gutters clean and well-maintained year-round.
  2. Use mosquito repellent outside: EPA-approved mosquito repellents at dawn and dusk can keep these nuisances away. 
  3. Install fine-mesh screens: Screens on windows and doors can prevent mosquitoes from entering your home as long as they are well-maintained and free of rips.
  4. Wear protective clothing: Long-sleeved shirts and pants or light-colored clothing make you less attractive to these biting insects outdoors.
  5. Keep your yard maintained: Keep your lawn and bushes trimmed and well-maintained. It will help reduce mosquito habitats. Mosquito-repelling plants such as lavender and citronella might also help.

These easy and effective mosquito prevention tips can help reduce their numbers around your property and minimize the risk of mosquito bites and the diseases they can transmit. Still, they are not always enough. Call Pied Piper Pest Control to learn about our all-natural mosquito treatments applied with backpack foggers between May and September and prevention strategies.

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Garden City

The best way to get rid of rodents is a multi-pronged approach that effectively eliminates the most common factors that lead to infestations.

First, keeping your yard clean and tidy and void of hiding spots for rodents is crucial. Because it can be challenging to keep these scavengers out of natural areas, the next step is to seal entry points. Rodents can enter homes through tiny cracks and holes, so pay special attention to gaps around doors and windows, vents, and pipes, and ensure your foundation is in good shape.

Just like caring for your yard is essential, keeping your home clean of clutter, debris, and easily accessible food sources is critical. Vacuum and mop regularly and disinfect surfaces throughout the day, especially after preparing and serving food.

When all else fails, you likely need to reach out to a professional pest control company like Pied Piper Pest Control for rodent control strategies that go above and beyond what individuals can do. Get in touch with one of our licensed team members to put your rodent problems behind you for good.

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