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Valley Stream is a popular community on Long Island and provides residents with a bustling urban lifestyle and plenty of activities. This area has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, and neighborhood clubs, and the community is especially popular with young professionals.

Insects and rodents love the bustling area of Valley Stream as much as its residents, causing a need for Valley Stream pest control. Our team at Pied Piper Pest Control is ready to help with this.

Answering Valley Stream's Most Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions

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Bed bugs can be a confusing pest in Valley Stream, but it’s essential to understand all you can about this pest to avoid infestations and itchy bed bug bites. There are many questions about bed bugs, and we have answers for you to the most commonly asked bed bug questions in Valley Stream:

  • How do bed bug infestations start? - Bed bugs tend to crawl into clothing or bags left in an infested area and then hide until brought to a new location. Second-hand items you move into your home are also a primary infestation source.
  • Are bed bugs dangerous? – While bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, they leave behind itchy bites that might become infected due to scratching or cause anxiety, insomnia, and stress.
  • Can you DIY bed bug control? – DIY bed bug control is often less than effective and exposes you to the risk of repeated infestation problems. Professional bed bug control is much more effective.

Reach out to Pied Piper Pest Control today if you need bed bug control or prevention assistance.

The Trick To Keeping Roaches Out Of Your Valley Stream Home

Cockroaches in Valley Stream are skilled invaders and can easily slip inside the smallest cracks around your property. If you want to keep roaches out of your Valley Stream home, the trick is to make your property as cockroach-proof as possible.

The first step into cockroach-proofing your home is sealing cracks that appear around windows, doors, and the foundation. Reinforce this by utilizing weatherstripping and sturdy window and door screens to ensure roaches stay on the outside. 

Other easy cockroach deterrent steps include storing leftover food properly and sealing trash bags to prevent the odor from attracting roaches—clear outdoor areas of long grasses and debris piles where roaches like to hide. Also, eliminate moisture issues and humid conditions that might attract this pest.

For more information on keeping roaches far away from your Valley Stream home, contact Pied Piper Pest Control.

Five Simple Steps To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Valley Stream

Mosquitoes buzzing around Valley Stream can deliver itchy bites that are a nuisance and dangerous if the offending mosquito is infected with an illness like malaria, yellow fever, the Zika virus, or the West Nile virus, among other diseases. We give you five simple steps to minimize exposure to mosquitoes and avoid their troublesome bites:

  1. Wear long-sleeved clothing, pants, and hats when outside to limit exposure to mosquito bites.
  2. Always apply a skin-safe mosquito repellent if spending long hours outside or walking through overgrown, swampy areas.
  3. Clear areas of standing water from your property to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and hovering around the area, further exposing you to bite risks.
  4. Cut back long grasses, and remove wood piles, overgrown foliage or piles of leaves, fallen branches, and fall fruit to remove mosquito hiding spots.
  5. Use window and door screens and weather stripping to mosquito-proof interior areas.

If you need help controlling a mosquito infestation around your property, contact Pied Piper Pest Control right away.

The Dangers Rodents Bring To Your Valley Stream Home

Rodents bring several dangers to Valley Stream homes that residents need to keep in mind. Not only are rodents destructive, constantly gnawing through wood, brick, plastic, and all other types of material, but they can also soil your property with their droppings and scavenging activity. Over time, large infestations of rodents lead to costly damages throughout your home.

Additionally, rodents carry serious illnesses such as plague, hantavirus, and tularemia and transport parasitic pests like fleas, ticks, and mites to your home. You and your loved ones risk serious illness from contaminated surfaces and food, diseased droppings that dry up and become airborne, and direct encounters with rodents.

Investing in rodent control provided by Pied Piper Pest Control is the best way to combat the dangers that rodents bring to your property. With our help, you can rest assured that we will remove any size or type of rodent infestation and that your home will return to the safe, peaceful, and hygienic space you deserve. Contact us today to get started.

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